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We provide a large variety of mouthpieces. Just send an e-mail with your personal needs and we will do our best. Custom orders are welcome.


Nosaltres oferim una gran varietat de boquilles. Simplement envia un correu amb les seves preferències i buscarem la millor solució per a les seves neccessitats. També fem boquilles personalitzades.


Le ofrecemos una gran variedad de boquillas. Envíe un correo electrónico con sus preferencias y encontraremos la mejor solución. También atendemos pedidos personalizados.

John Cather mouthpieces

I was seeking for a good mouthpiece maker who could do this job by hand, not on a CNC lathe, and finally John Cather said: "Yes, I can".

John, as me, is both professional musician and maker, so he understand very deeply all processes involved in playing and making.

I sent drawings of both mouthpieces to him and, after a long time, he did.

When I received the first prototypes I played them on my trumpets. Just a second later I phoned him and said "GREAT !!! YOU DID IT !!!"

His mouthpieces resembles exactly the originals, and both models are outstanding mouthpieces for period music, with the addition that John is an experienced trumpet player who could make custom modifications to fit in your requeriments.

For an obvius reason of cost, I reccomend to all U.S.A. and Canada people to ask him directly for his wonderful mouthpieces:


John Cather

1357 Curtis Ave.

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

CLASSICAL mouthpiece:

Some years ago, while I was researching to develop my line of historical trumpets, I was amazed by two very rare mouthpieces at the Edimburgh Museum.

One was anonymus, cataloged as "BRITAIN, 19th. CENTURY".

The first one was very attractive with its forms. A state-of-art mouthpiece. When I made first prototypes, realized that it could be impossible to play baroque music on it, but the sound is really deep and mellow. Just for Mozart, Haydn or Berlioz. Classical and Romanticism period music.



BAROQUE Mouthpiece -Clarino-:


-The secret of German Trumpeters of the Baroque-


By the same time I'd seen the "Classical" mouthpiece, found that there was a second one cataloged as "HAAS, NÜRNBERG ca. 1.700". It is very different from other original mouthpieces from other makers, such as William Bull. It is so small and pretty deep, with a medium large sized bore. After few seconds, you'll feel comfortable and will be able to play Clarino parts with an unknonw ease.

You should play one to belive what I said.




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