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2 x Decoy Whistle – Crow/Rook Call, by ACME
2 x CUCKOO Call, by ACME
2 x DUCK Call, by ACME
1 x Bassoon Model 2006R, by Arnolds & Sons
1 x DOVE and PIGEON Call, by ACME
1 x Bb-Cornet ACR-655, by Arnolds & Sons
1 x Bb-Euphonium mod.AEP-1141, by Arnolds & Sons
4 x Bb-Pistonvalve-Trombone mod.ASL-900, by Arnolds & Sons
1 x Bb-tenor-trombone J-131, by Jürgen Voigt
1 x Bb/F-Trombone mod.ASL-420G, by Arnolds & Sons
1 x Bb-Flugelhorn AFH-4050, by Arnolds & Sons
1 x Bass Saxophone ABS-120, by Arnolds & Sons
1 x Bb-Baritone mod.ABH-1240, by Arnolds & Sons
1 x Baritone Saxophone ABS-110, by Arnolds & Sons
1 x Bb/F-tenor trombone J-157, by Jürgen Voigt
1 x Bb/F-Trombone mod.ASL-630G, by Arnolds & Sons
2 x Bb/F-tenor trombone J-132, by Jürgen Voigt
2 x Bb Tenor Trombone, narrow, single rotor mod.61D, by MIRAPHONE
1 x Bb/C-Tenor-Trombone ASL-703, by Arnolds & Sons
1 x Bb/F-Trombone mod.ASL-430G, by Arnolds & Sons
1 x Bb/F-Trombone mod.ASL-432G, by Arnolds & Sons
2 x Bb-Flugelhorn AFH-655S, by Arnolds & Sons
1 x Bb-Trombone mod.ASL-360, by Arnolds & Sons
2 x Bb/F-Trombone mod.ASL-5320G, by Arnolds & Sons
1 x Bb-Flugelhorn AFH-655G, by Arnolds & Sons
1 x Bb-tenor-trombone J-156, by Jürgen Voigt
2 x Bb-Euphonium mod.AEP-1150, by Arnolds & Sons
1 x Bb-Trombone mod.ASL-3540, by Arnolds & Sons
5 x Fürst Pless Posthorn J-244, by Jürgen Voigt
1 x Bb-Flugelhorn AFH-655, by Arnolds & Sons
1 x Bb/F-Trombone mod.ASL-360B, by Arnolds & Sons
2 x Angel F Treble -Baroque- Recorder
1 x Bb/C-Tenor-Trombone ASL-703, by Arnolds & Sons
1 x Flugelhorn ODYSSEY PREMIERE ofg1300
1 x Bb-Euphonium mod.AEP-5175 -Terra- , by Arnolds & Sons
2 x JHS Hornby 'C' Descant 2pc Recorder pack
2 x Angel C Descant -Baroque- Recorder
1 x JHS Hornby 'C' Descant 3pc Recorder
1 x Angel C Descant -Baroque- Recorder
1 x JHS Hornby 'C' Descant 2pc Recorder
1 x JHS Hornby 'C' Descant 3pc Recorder
1 x Angel F Sopranino -Baroque- Recorder
1 x pBuzz – Beano
1 x JHS Hornby 'F' Bass Recorder
1 x Hornby 'C' Descant 1pc Recorder
2 x JHS Hornby 'C' Tenor Recorder
1 x pBuzz – Red
1 x JHS Hornby 'F' Treble Recorder
1 x JHS Hornby 'C' Descant Coloured Recorders - Pack of 5
1 x The Busker Mini Accordion
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