pBone in several colors !!!

The Jiggs pBone is a truly authentic musical instrument that has already started to revolutionize the way we think about trombones and brass instruments.

It’s a fully functioning, medium bore Bb tenor trombone designed in the UK for brass players by brass players.


pBone is remarkably tough. It can take knocks and bumps in its stride. The pBone is therefore perfect to allow beginners to explore the trombone without any fear of damage.


At less than half the weight of a brass trombone the pBone is ideal for the younger player and for all those who may have difficulty with the weight and balance of a metal trombone.


The pBone has been thoughtfully designed to allow hands of various shapes and sizes to find a comfortable and effective grip of the instrument. This encourages good posture and the correct hand positioning. The ergonomic features of the pBone allow those with limited or restricted use of their hands and arms to engage with the trombone.


The composite slide tubes lap in over time so the slide gets better and better with use. The unique strength of the glass fibre material means that “dings and dents” in your slide are a thing of the past !!!


All ABS parts are extremely durable and our unique one-piece bell and gooseneck design is extraordinarily strong. The glass fibre slide tube is immeasurably stronger than fragile brass tubing and will withstand collisions that would demolish a traditional brass trombone slide. pBone may not be indestructible but it is certainly the most durable and robust trombone ever produced !!!


Designed especially for the pBone the mouthpiece has a small shank that matches standard medium bore trombones so any regular small shank metal mouthpiece will fit.

Water key

Amongst the many unique design features the pBone has its own unique water key design.

Lockable slide

pBone has a lockable slide that features a graphic to ensure the locking process is clear and simple to all.


• 8 inch bell

• Pitched in Bb

• Water key

• Durable ABS and glass fibre

• Weighs 1.8lbs

• Fabric carry bag included

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