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1 x Reeds for BARITONE SAXOPHONE “Java", by Vandoren
1 x Metallophone Beaters – Pair MEDIUM, by ANGEL
1 x Bb CLARINET Mouthpiece “M15 Traditional”, by Vandoren
1 x 6 Bar Bass Diatonic Metallophone, by ANGEL
1 x 'Viator' Paul Brett Electro-Acoustic Travel Guitar
2 x BARITONE SAXOPHONE Mouthpiece “Optimum” mod.BL3, by Vandoren
1 x Soprano Chromatic Conversion Set, by ANGEL
1 x Clarinet in B Flat, mod. Classic, by F. Arthur Uebel
1 x Bb GERMAN CLARINET Mouthpiece "VD3-W", by Vandoren
1 x Clarinet Odyssey Premiere OCL400
1 x 8 Note Glockenspiel – C3-C4, by ANGEL
1 x Bb-Flugelhorn AFH-4050, by Arnolds & Sons
1 x Bass-trombone J-164, by Jürgen Voigt
1 x 25 Note Glockenspiel – G2-G4, by ANGEL
1 x JHS Hornby 'C' Descant 3pc Recorder
3 x DOVE and PIGEON Call, by ACME
1 x ALTO SAXOPHONE Mouthpiece “V16” mod.A9-S, by Vandoren
1 x Eb Silver Plated Soprano Cornet Outfit ODYSSEY PREMIERE
1 x Reeds for SOPRANO SAXOPHONE “ZZ", by Vandoren
1 x Odyssey Baritone Horn in B Flat
1 x ALTO SAXOPHONE Mouthpiece "D-S80", by Henri Selmer Paris
1 x 27 Note Glockenspiel – G4-A6, by ANGEL
1 x TENOR SAXOPHONE Mouthpiece "S80" mod.G, by Henri Selmer Paris
1 x ALTO SAXOPHONE Mouthpiece "C-S80", by Henri Selmer Paris
1 x CLARINET Lessons with Master NELLY RODRIGUEZ
1 x 27 Note Glockenspiel – G2-A4, by ANGEL
1 x Angel F Treble -Baroque- Recorder
1 x Metallophone Beaters – Pair SOFT, by ANGEL
1 x Decoy Whistle – Crow/Rook Call, by ACME
1 x TENOR SAXOPHONE Mouthpiece C**Métal Classique, by Henri Selmer P
1 x Clarinet Care Kit, by Odyssey Premiere
1 x 26 Note Glockenspiel – G4-G#6, by ANGEL
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