Here you can find some publications of Dr. Francisco A. Pérez-Ferrer, articles, instrument reports and more.

Published works

Trumpet Tao: High Intensity Interval Training

"It is better to have a warrior in the garden rather than a gardener in the war field


The Trumpet Tao includes several exercises grouped into different series according to their purpose, in order to acquire the most useful and necessary techniques to improve endurance, strength, power, flexibility, sound and range for the Trumpeter.

Most exercises may sound slightly familiar. To facilitate memorizing I used some well known melodies and other routine exercises, although implementation will be very different as an end or another is pursued.

This humble trumpet player conceived this method from a physical and anatomical plane, so that all the exercises are based on the gymnastic training of the actors involved in the implementation process of the trumpet (facial and abdominal muscles, respiratory system, etc.).

Basically, it seeks for a stronger and more resilient muscle, on which exert greater control, which in turn allows us to optimize the air and energy."

Musical Doctrine: Deontology and Ethics for Musicians

"Here you have a short book about deontology and ethics for the musician.

This book has been inspired by L.A. Recording Studios Legend Gary Grant.

Mr. Grant's wrote some tips for the studio musician in his website several years ago, and those are here, well explained, together with additional tips and ethical statements that should be in every musician's pocket.

Separate specific tips for the student, professor and professional musician. "


-Illustrated Workshop Manual-

(Historical Manufacture of Musical Instruments Book 1)

"This is an ilustrated workshop manual about historical brass instrument making. "


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-About punctuality (Doctrinal article)

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-History and evolution of the German Rotary Trumpet

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Instrument Tests

Miraphone Bb Trumpet M3050 Gratefuly surprising instrument.
Kanstul 1500B A timeless classic.
Kanstul piccolo 920 Whoever said it is a Schilke knock-off never tried this beast. Read more...
Helmut Voigt rotary C A wonderful instrument made in the centuries old german tradition. Read more...