Francisco A. Pérez-Ferrer

Trumpet, Cornet, Flugelhorn and Historical Brass Instruments player

The musician and the pedagogue:
“ The
Trumpet Tao
Master “
Dr. Francisco A. Pérez-Ferrer has been Solo Cornet of the Ensemble Stravinsky, invited to Principal Trumpet Audition for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (2003, 2004 and 2017), Principal Trumpet at many symphony orchestras in Spain (Alicante Symphony, Murcia Symphony, RTVE), and in other countries (England, U.S.A., México, Costa Rica and Honduras), as well as studio musician working for Universal Studios. Currently he is Principal of the National Orchestra of Honduras and Cathedratic of the National University of Honduras UNAH.

Due the success of his book “The Trumpet Tao“, Dr. Pérez-Ferrer is also known as “The Trumpet Tao Master“ .

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