Pics and videos:

  • Channel 6 Honduras TV

    Playing some piccolo concertos live on TV, 2017.

  • Fantasía Brillante (J.B.Arban)

    OMG !!! This was in 1988, at the age of 12 !!!

  • Profile Photo

    Probably one of my favorite pictures, with my Kanstul 1500-B.

  • Welcome Video


  • The Trumpet Tao:

    1.-Warm Up !!!


  • The Trumpet Tao:

    2.-Expanding Range


  • H. Purcell Sonata for Trumpet

    Played on a Pérez de l'Olla Natural Trumpet
  • J.S.Bach, Chirstmas Oratorio, Nr. 64 -Trumpet Excerpt

    Played on Kanstul 1520 piccolo
  • Polka for two (Maláĉek)

    Played on Kanstul 1500-B

    Nelly Rodríguez, Clarinet
  • Alexander Arjutunian: Trumpet Concerto (part 1)

    Played on Kanstul 1500-B

    Live in Montenegro
  • Alexander Arjutunian: Trumpet Concerto (part 2)

    Played on Kanstul 1500-B

    Live in Montenegro
  • Rehearsal June 6, 2017 - part 1

    Water Music Suite for Trumpet - G.F. Haendel

    Played on Kanstul cc920 piccolo